Tips and tricks

This week we have a good article titled “How to become a fast guy”

It goes into detail with sail trim, and is a bit generic to all classes, but should hold true with our Seawind’s and Dragonflites. There is always more class specific “massaging” for better performance, and I hope to find more information to publish relating directly to our two classes, stay tuned!


Sailing tips and tricks

I’m hoping to find interesting articles relating to RC sailing that may be beneficial to us all and posting them here for all to enjoy.
First is a article on mark roundings and how to best determine when to tack to make a clear rounding.
Heres the article:

This is a technique I learned years ago in a T37 seminar. What i found most important is tuning in to the actual waterline of the mark and the sailboats waterline. Smooth water reflections make it a bit harder. This works best when the boat is within 4 boat lengths of the mark, but still works on longer laylines too.