Tips and tricks

This week we have a good article titled “How to become a fast guy”

It goes into detail with sail trim, and is a bit generic to all classes, but should hold true with our Seawind’s and Dragonflites. There is always more class specific “massaging” for better performance, and I hope to find more information to publish relating directly to our two classes, stay tuned!


Tips and Tricks

Last Thursday I had a chance to practice what the last tips article was referring to, tuning the boat to sail by itself. I was able to balance the T37 pretty well. I did a video at the pond with the boat sailing in a good breeze. It’s narrated.

I would normally have a bit of weather helm trimmed as I think its a bit faster, but it sailed pretty well on its own and cought the lifts and headers efficiently.

Here’s the link: